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Michael Jackson Icons.

Posted on 2009.12.28 at 22:39
Current Mood: calmcalm
I made a few of them and thought I would share for those who might find them useful.


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The Reason I Have Not Been Online...

Posted on 2009.12.28 at 22:13
Current Mood: calmcalm
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Alright, I needed to let all of my friends on here know why I have not been updating my journal and why I also have not been commenting on theirs, Firstly I am very sorry to those that have not gotten any attention on my behalf, I apologize. Now onto the reason why you have not seen me on here, Somewhere near December 16th or December 17th, My I had been experiencing some bad pains in my side/stomach along with a nauseous feeling starting late one night, then the next day it continued off and on until late that night it was hurting REALLY bad and I had to go get it checked out -- this is how dumb the doctors are up here -- they checked everything and quickly cast it off as something to do with minstrel cramps, well I went home and turns out it was not what they said it was(to spare you all of the horrid details). I went back to the hospital and got a Finnegan shot, went through more tests and found out that it was indeed my appendix, they then got everything hooked up and transferred me to a different hospital (I was NOT about to have surgery there with those doctors, not to mention they probably don't do those...wow.) And so I had surgery to remove my appendix and took some time to heal. Now I am back to standing, walking and sitting on my own.

So...that's the story.

BUT! On Christmas Eve my parents surprised my sister and I with some gifts. Michael Merchandise and New Moon Merchandise. :)

For site news: www.mjj-online.net has a new layout.

Thank you to all those who forgive me for not spending more time on here to reply/comment and all of that. I love you all. <3

Also, how were your Holidays and what did you get for Christmas? Leave a comment telling me how they went and what you got if you would like. :)

Michael Jackson Icons

Posted on 2009.12.03 at 14:21
Current Mood: calmcalm
Enjoy. <3
Michael Jackson icons - 20

Icon oo1Icon oo2Icon oo3Icon oo4Icon oo5

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Icons, Site and More

Posted on 2009.11.20 at 17:30
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I currently run a fansite for Michael Jackson. It has been open for a while. The gallery currently has over 90,000 images. You can visit it Here

Thanks for reading.

Also! I have some more icons for you all.
2 Michael Jackson - Animated Icons.
4 Michael Jackson Icons
2 Vampire Diaries - Animated Icons.

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Also, Have you seen 'This Is It'? If so, you can leave a comment on what you thought about the entire thing.
I have seen it and honestly, I cannot put into words of how I feel about that movie. It is beyond perfection. The way the concerts were going to be, the way Michael worked behind the scenes was just....*speechless*
That's all I can say, words fail me.

First Post....

Posted on 2009.11.19 at 19:00
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Let's Wait A While by Janet Jackson
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So this is my first post. I really don't have much to say at the moment....
I'm not exactly new to the whole thing but it has been a while.
I had an LJ for MJJOnline but that is no longer active.


I have somethings to offer.
Animated Icons
- 3 Michael Jackson
- 1 Vampire Diaries (Stefan, Elena and Bonnie)


Comment + Credit to [info]willyoube_there
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